October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017


To live from the heart, is to live a life full of beauty, wonder, purpose, excitement, and adventure.  To live from the heart, above all, is to live from love, true/actual/unconditional love.  The heart is my energetic connection to source.  It’s where my intuition speaks, as intuition is felt and all communication is feeling.  Therefore, it is how I communicate with the field around me in every moment of my existence.  The heart is a symbolic representation of the pulse of creation, displaying the divinity of that cosmic process within every beat as the engine that sees the self be realized to the greatest magnitude that it is willing to witness within its own chosen experience.

There is a fearlessness to the heart.  It is very clear and very specific: with emotion, feeling, and what is to be the next step toward living in my next greatest expression.  The intellect (the mind) is a physical tool that the greater conscious mind connects with in the physical experience to provide perception, assessment, structure, and strategy.  It is the functional “how” that supports the directional purpose of “why” in which the heart speaks.

All conflict that exists in the world exists with the head and the heart.  The heart functions in the unified state of the sacred union, in the knowing of harmony, so it’s methods and functions are pure and holistic.  The physical mind has no answers and continues to witness experience as a means to gauge and understand itself.  They both are meant to function as a team, a unit that witness the flow of our creative reality.  When the heart leads, this flow is in tact, when the head leads this flow is disrupted do to the functional nature of their relationship.  Based on perception the physical mind can cloud or distort the message of the heart which will distort the nature of our experiences.  Learning to step into a state of heart consciousness supports the clarity of communication beyond perception.  It takes courage to live in the heart outright in every moment, yet it is the greatest endeavor that sees the world reflect the same.

From the heart I can always make peace with all suffering, guilt, judgement, and pain.   From the heart I can truly realize and witness love, and the power that exudes from it.   From the heart I will always know that I am capable to be me, openly, honestly, courageously, abundantly me.  I choose to live from the heart.

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