Kevin Walton is an international Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Advisor, Activational Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Optimal Living Consultant, Community Builder, High Performance Trainer, Holistic Fitness Trainer, Empowerment Coach, Relationship Coach, Writer, and Entertainer.  His adept wisdom, heart-led communication, dynamic expression, masterful guidance, and incredible ability to hold space through all forms of process and breakthrough has made Kevin a premiere presence and figure in the field of spirituality, mindfulness, self-development, and greater human potential.  He is deeply driven by a sense of greater purpose to witness humanity evolve into a completely more developed expression of itself through love and divine wisdom. Kevin fully believes that everyone is naturally masterful, miraculous, powerful, and innately loving, yet for very specific reasons have simply chosen to...READ MORE


Anamnestic Awareness Expansion is a process of actively remembering who I am, to utilize that awareness toward deliberately exploring more of what I can become. This offers the discovery and practical application of living within my multidimensional capacity on a consistent basis. It's a way of living in the access of source consciousness to actualize more of unlimited creative potential within physical reality.

Anamnesis is the recollection or recall of that which I have already known.

Awareness is the observable recognition of all possible information I am ready to accept.

Through this practice we surrender into the access of our Natural State of Being which always exists in masterful form, fully empowered, fully connected, completely whole. The full activation of this pathway leads to the restorative experience through the three processes of Self-Realization, Self-Remembrance, and Self-Acceptance. Perfection and knowing is an ever expanding concept of open exploration and the scope of self will always broaden in unlimited creative potential. This reveals that the pathway of enlightenment is the ongoing expansion of the self through every experience created, rather than simply a process of ascension.



Lying latent within me is the divine potential of my Creatorhood. The greatness that I am, the power that I am, the love that I am, the life that I am, is the very essence of my existence and every moment offers me a chance to remember. In remembering who I am, I choose to live in the mastery of my greatness and shine my light on the world. I choose to live in a greater expression of myself while living up to my life's purpose, and witnessing the world that reflects the impact of that very choice.


Mitsou Handal, LCSW ([email protected])

Psychotherapist/Health & Lifestyle Coach | Miami, FL

The impact of Kevin’s work began from our very first conversation over the phone. Kevin was fully present, actively listened to my concerns, embodied unconditional love and knowledge from our first phone call and throughout all of our in-person private sessions. I was ready to take another step in my journey in order to break through any limiting beliefs and fears that have held me back and could hold me back as I was embarking on taking the next big step in my professional career.  I wanted to make sure that I was setting myself up for inevitable success as I stepped up courageously into my greatness. My work with Kevin has influenced me to believe in myself more, to take 100% responsibility for ALL of my thoughts, actions, and feelings, to remember that my heart at any moment can give me the insight to help me grow, to be fully present knowing only the present moment matters, to shift my perception about my eczema and learn how to see it as my gift and teacher. With every challenge, I can cultivate the practice of seeing each challenge as an opportunity to grow deeper and deeper into the  highest version of myself.  It is difficult for me to articulate Kevin’s approach and style as everything blends seamlessly together! Kevin is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, non-judgmental but also very direct and genuine. He is an excellent listener. Kevin uses very precise language to help you create shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, feelings—to help you see that one’s fears are only showing you where you need to go rather than something you need to run from. Kevin combines a variety of tools such as breathing, meditation, powerful coaching sequences/exercises designed to get you to live out the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

  As a licensed psychotherapist and a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, I believe that personal development is a life long journey as I can only serve others to the degree to which I have grown within myself. Thank you Kevin for our powerful coaching sessions! I still have my notebook from the notes I took and go back to them from time to time! Much success to you!

Andrea Harding

Consultant/Innovator/Systems Architect | North Yorkshire, England

Kevin is a complete inspiration. His wisdom is timeless and his insights bring instant illumination and healing. Kevin has a unique teaching style that I find personally reassuring and I am not sure I have encountered it elsewhere. It comes from his ability to effectively express both masculine and feminine energies with balance and astonishing maturity. His intellect is laser sharp, uncompromising and completely deliberate, yet married to this is a softer, receptive side that brings compassion and nourishment to any wounds yet unhealed. This balanced approach inspires you to move beyond your boundaries while knowing you are held and the pain of your expansion is human and natural. He creates safety without being enabling of anything that is holding you back. I think Kevin is an astonishing force of nature, with genius qualities. I do not say this lightly, he is just truly a very extraordinary person I have encountered in the context of my own journey. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to find greater alignment with their own soul expression and wanting find the motivation to do so!

Julia Diane Whitley

Event & Wedding Coordinator, Designer and Production | Los Angeles, CA

From the moment I met Kevin Anthony Walton, I knew my life was to be transformed into the life I always wanted for myself. To be in front of someone whom you speak freely to, openly, and without reservation is an absolute gift. To travel the road that opens doors and allows for symbiosis between souls is freedom from the secular and Kevin is the tour guide. His style is one that is subtly enticing, engaging but with an encouragement to progress that might feel like pressure, but isn't. He is simply placing the tools before you, that allows you to seek something more powerful within yourself. His guidance is like breathing which many of us forget to do. His purpose is to open us up to the divinity that lies before us and within us. Kevin had come to LA to do our first Gathering of Light Beings and it was like drinking from the well of life. We were exhausted from a hard working weekend, but this was not something I wanted to miss. Hours were like minutes as he connected every soul in the room to become something greater by simply allowing us to be exactly who we are. Kevin's gift of seeing humanity for the light that they are is contagious, but moreover it is the food that we all need to progress higher. I have continuously used the processes that we learned at the Gathering to help me see past not just myself, but to see more greatness in others. I want each day and all that I do within a day to be more than I can imagine, with no expectation, just a state of being. Kevin is a transformation specialist, he lights a path to open every part of our vessels and allow us to experience life in a way that makes life ten times more beautiful than I could EVER imagine.

Sergio Perez

Licensed Massage Therapist | Miami, FL

I encountered Kevin Walton for the first time at one of his Sacred Union Of The Self events at the end of 2015.  Before that, I lived on the belief that there will never be a man alive today that I can say I admire and would gladly learn from and apply the teachings they offer.  After hearing the power in Kevin's words and the confidence behind them, and feeling the massive energy of Source emanating from him when he spoke to the group of men gathered in the men's circle during the Sacred Union, that belief quickly shifted. Kevin spoke of things like creatorhood, coming together as masculine and feminine, man and woman, and also spoke of everyone's ability to access the infinite source of creation through Heart Consciousness, something you don't really hear about growing up. He explained to us in his own words that Heart Consciousness is the key to living a powerful, deliberate, and abundant life and after applying the teachings in my own life I can say without a doubt that he is absolutely right. He also advocates that we truly create our reality, which at first I didn't understand, but almost 2 years later I think I'm starting to. It's command and surrender. I command my reality from the inspiration in my heart and I surrender to how that shows up for me, while continuously creating from my heart, being honest with my feelings, and being deliberate about how I choose to feel after truly loving those feelings that I have been neglecting first. His teachings are somewhat simple, yet highly complex and require great discipline to apply because it takes a conscious effort in every moment to be aware of your power of choice. I'm still growing every day and adopting teachings from all over but I can confidently say that the teachings, presence, and insight that I've received from Kevin Walton, not only in the Sacred Union but in various Wednesday night Light Beings meetings, have been the most powerful and most effective teachings that I've yet to apply within myself.  I'm beyond grateful for this man and I am looking forward to continue learning from him, bless you Kevin!

Inês Martins

Sacred Interior Designer
 | Miami, FL

I came across Kevin during a meditation event and from the moment I met him I experienced unconditional love from the compassion in his eyes. His calm voice and wisdom inspired me to connect to start the journey of learning from his coaching sessions. With each lesson Kevin helped me discover something different within me, always open to listen and talk through things at my own pace. The time and dedication he puts in to help me succeed is amazing. I am grateful to have worked with Kevin.

Chris Larcombe

After having seen Kevin in action for 10 days in both personal and group sessions I can say with confidence that he's the real fucking deal and what he embodies and offers is epically game-changing, simple, powerful, and a massive contribution to humanity. Seeing Kevin in action gave me the confidence to step beyond my own self doubt and to integrate and embody more fully what I had previously learned from the Pleiadians and other sources. Kevin 'practices what he preaches' and this is truly inspirational. I found Kevin to be very heart centered, kind, compassionate and loving, as well as sharp mentally with a 'no bullshit' attitude getting right to the point. This is a powerful combination. Kevin is one of the (currently) rare individuals on the planet who has found their way back to essence, to 'source', and is therefore able to offer a very high level of loving guidance and deep insight to anyone, no matter where they are on their path. The personal and group sessions with Kevin accelerated my growth and enabled me to take a quantum leap forward on my spiritual/evolutionary path, through healing and addressing specific issues but also through observing Kevin and watching how he applies what he knows. In conclusion, Kevin is the real deal. What he embodies and what he has to offer is epically effective. Uncompromising, simple, and powerful stuff that works instantly and goes right back to the source. You can't beat that. Unconditional love and the knowledge it comes with is the highest frequency possible and Kevin is a global pioneer in tapping into and mastering this power. Thank you Kevin! I feel immense gratitude and love for you and your work in the world. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Light Beings Community and diving deeper into the practices and my own co-creatorhood.

Leslie Rico

Gardener/Groundskeeper | Miami, FL

Kevin is wise, strong, and humble; an old soul. During the Sacred Union of The Self, he served as guide, mediator, and space holder. His words were honest; his demeanor, calm and accepting. He has a grasp on what holds us back and has the purity of heart to speak freely and say what we need to hear, of life, and ourselves. What was most impressive, is his complete and total commitment to the people. It was all about us, and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish. But that is what I have seen and felt from Kevin: genuine concern and love. He is a natural leader, and, thankfully, one who wishes to liberate from falsehoods our brothers and sisters, and inspire everyone to be great. He is determined to help others, and is succeeding gracefully.

Bret Warshawsky

Spiritual Philanthropist/Cryptopoet/Co-Founding Steward @ Noomap | Global Nomad

I recently spent an intensive 10 days working with Kevin, both personally and as part of a community project. I have nothing but superlatives to share with you on behalf of our experience expanding with Kevin. I know testimonials often sound as if everything was perfect and amazing, I'm not going to be any different because the truth is the truth. Kevin has made a significant and beautiful impact on me and our project. I imagine that our relationship with him and the work that has only just begun will be a lifetime kinship. How often can we say something like this? How often do we cross paths with people we know will be friends of ours for life? There's something very special and heart warming for me when I tap into that feeling. Before speaking any further about skills, processes and learning, I'd like to share my enthusiasm for Kevin as a friend. The most epic return from working with Kevin is being connected with an authentic and powerful soul. A being I can relate to, listen to, speak honestly with and spend time together as equals. This is a man who can be counted on to live large, love completely and trust implicitly. When it comes to the education, personal development, and spiritual growth, working with Kevin has been the most satisfying and practically effective experience in my life, and we've only just begun! I felt safe with Kevin and I felt confident in his abilities to transmit knowledge and demonstrate what he speaks of. Kevin walks the talk so it's easy to pay attention and tune into the learning for your own growth. Kevin has a diverse background which means he has tools, practices, and teachings which can connect and work for all types of people. He is well versed in many modalities and has synthesized many pieces into his own unique and demonstrably powerful program for Creatorhood. I've been around teachers, coaches, gurus and leaders of all kinds and they are all wonderful in their own ways. Kevin is one of the most effective and lovely transformational leaders I have witnessed. In a short time, he helped me personally with my journey as well as working with my wife and I as a couple. Everyone in our project felt similar. Kevin has mad skills and is devoted to assisting people in becoming their greatest selves. He is absolutely one of the most passionate people I have ever met and that's not hyperbole. If I could retain his services for life I'd sign the contract yesterday. The future for Kevin Walton is infinite and the world is immensely brighter with his soul shining. I couldn't make a stronger recommendation that was true to my heart.


Working with Kevin on my spiritual journey has been enlightening and fundamental! His Training and practical applications for growth are exquisite. The knowledge he channels from Source constantly teaches me more about myself, the collective, and how to love at a greater capacity. I can sincerely state that my life has dramatically changed for the better since I met him. I now know what it is like to be loved, accepted, and encouraged to grow at the highest quality of unconditional absolute love.


Musician/Facilitator | Miami, FL

The Light Beings Community has utterly changed the entire way I walk and behave as a man, in such a humble and balanced way. Beginning to understand my emotions was the missing key to my life and the LBC taught me just that. Kevin has outstanding character and ethics, and a great understanding of the Self. The information and insight he provides is profound and has the ability to uplift any living being in this world. Thank you Light Beings.  I will continue to be one for the rest of my days.